Abrigo de Tigre

This coat is quite special. It is about 50 years old so circa 1960s. In it’s hey day it went to parties, church, and other events. My grandpa bought this coat for my grandma and he loved this coat! My grandma said that she always received a lot of compliments when wearing it. She was explaining to me that it is kind of unique because the print is not the traditional leopard but a print you might see on a tiger. This piece is Eco – Friendly because animals were not harmed to make this; it being faux fur. Even though it is quite older than me, it is still in great condition.

I wanted to style this coat by adding classic pieces like pearls and red lipstick. I can just imagine my grandma wearing red lipstick with this coat back then. …It’s her signature make up accessory.

It means more to me; knowing that it was part of great memories and happy moments.


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