Beach Bag Must Haves!

Summer’s just around the corner so it’s time to get those bikini bodies in shape and those beach bags packed! Going to the beach is always a blast if you plan it out right, but it’s important to make sure you pack just the right things to help you have the most fun in the sun! We all know to smooth on a little sunscreen, grab our towels, and throw on our favorite sunglasses and flip flops, but here’s a list of other goods to keep in mind:


Water: You may be surrounded by a large body of it but that’s definitely not going to be enough to get you through a long day at the beach. The average adult requires about 8 full glasses a day and that will certainly increase the longer you lay out in the sun. If you don’t have room to bring a cooler with you, we recommend you toss in a couple of water bottles or light weight drinks to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the day.


Baby Powder: Hate waking up the next morning and still finding sand everywhere? Try sticking a small container of baby powder in your bag to help clean off all the sand before you head home. All you have to do is rub a little baby powder around those sandy areas and the sand will fall right off!


First Aid Kit: Carrying around a first aid kit never hurt anybody and you never know what you might encounter during your trip to the beach. It’s better to be safe than sorry and pack a light first aid kit in your bag to avoid any possible infections from cuts and stings. Keep it well stocked with bandages, ointments, and Antiseptic towelettes to be prepared for any situation. Even storing a small travel sized pain medication is always a plus in case the sun begins to cause headaches or sunburns.


Ziploc Bags: We all know the many wonders that a Ziploc bag can do for you at home, but what about the beach? Keeping a few Ziploc bags in your beach bag can work great for keeping everything in your bag organized. They can be used to keep small snacks to eat throughout the day or as a container to collect shells and other beach trinkets. Another great use for Ziploc bags is keeping any wet or dirty clothing separated from everything else once you get ready to head home. Depending on the length of the car ride, sitting in damp clothing for an extended period of time can become extremely uncomfortable; bringing along a spare change of clothing contained in a Ziploc is also something to keep in mind!


Moisturizer: You may already be wearing a sufficient amount of sunscreen but keeping your skin moist is just as important. We recommend adding in some aloe gel to help keep your skin healthy and protected from the sun. They are also great for soothing sunburns too. We also suggest carrying around some lip balm or Chap Stick to avoid additional burns. You may have your skin covered but when’s the last time you thought about your lips. They too can burn just as easily as your skin can, so it’s important to keep them moisturized and protected from the sun.


Games: If you’re a little too old for building sand castles or getting buried in the sand the fun doesn’t have to end there! Try looking around your house for spare travel sized games to bring along to beach next time. Anything as simple as a deck of cards to a travel sized set can really help out a day dedicated to fun with family and friends. 


Any trip to the beach and be a blast but being prepared for any situation makes the beach time that much more fun!




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