Favorite Thing

Do you have one thing or a few things in your closet that is a staple for your wardrobe? I do.

In the Spring and Summer I have my denim jacket. It’s hard to believe I have had this jacket for over ten years! It is still in working order after all this time. Even if it was falling apart I would wear it to the bitter end.

I chose this jacket in particular because I thought it was unique, because of the Mandarin collar. I was partial to dark denim as well because I figured I could wear it throughout the year verses light denim which is usually only worn in Spring.

Since the purchase, the jacket is still dark but very much faded. I also don’t see  a lot of people with denim jackets with this collar; even now.

A basic denim jacket is great when it just a tad cold and just a little wind.

My favorite things also hold memories, experiences, and remind me of my favorite people I share this life with.

Cherish your favorite thing. I hope your favorite thing lasts as long as mine has.


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