Finish Strong

I remember when I played track in high school the coach would say ‘Finish Strong’. Any athletes reading this may know what this is referring to. It means when you see the finish line you don’t take it easy during the last few strides. It means keep pushing your hardest so that even after you pass that line you still are giving all of your strength. When I see the finish line I see an opportunity to push myself even more. I think to myself, ‘Sprint baby, Sprint!’ or should I say one of my favorite movie quotes, ‘Run, Forrest Run!’ By finishing strong the athlete will leave that crumbled rubber knowing that he/she gave it their all even ’til the very end. Knowing I gave everything within me…that is the huge takeaway.

Oh yes, and check out my fashionable cleats from all those years ago! I love them and I need to use them more often. When worn, they feel like I’m not wearing shoes at all.

‘Oh the places you’ll go!’ – Dr. Seuss


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