Summer book read

Even though I have a busy schedule I like making time to read. It feels great to carve out time for something I enjoy. Lunch time and early evening are great time for me to read. I use it as a time to unwind and be in a different place for short period of time. These bursts of reading are short but are a few times a week and that makes it worthwhile.

One of the books I'm reading is Lunch in Paris. This book is engaging because it has French recipes within chapters I have never heard of. Frankly, any references to France, French sayings, or recipes propell me to start researching. It's exciting to find out what those things mean, and what they look like. The book is written by an American. She married a Frenchman. So observing their interactions with each other and her interaction with the French culture really makes me feel like I'm experiencing what she is because I have a similar background.

This is a great book if you want feel like you are living in a different country and culture.  


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