Your Carry On Essentials!


Everyone loves to travel, right? Exploring new places, meeting new people, and of course those unforgettable memories that you can share with generations to come. But one thing that may induce stress in the idea of travelling is what to pack! Whether it’s a 2-hour flight to your hometown, or a 8-hour red-eye overseas, we’ve got you covered on those essential items to pack in your carry-on for the easiest travel day ever. 

In Washington DC at the Ronald Reagan Airport

The Essentials: You wouldn’t want to show up to the airport, only to realize you’ve forgotten these most important items! 1) Travel documents; this can include anything that can stop you from getting on that plane to your final destination! 2) Your Passport; you can’t be enjoying an afternoon of tapas and red wine on a rooftop in Barcelona, Spain without this one. 3) Cash, credit cards; because those tapas and wine aren’t free! 4) Travel wallet; something to hold your ID, money, or anything else to keep at hand.

Beauty: Those high-pressure cabins can wreak havoc on our skin! It’s important to keep hydrated throughout those long flights and look your best after those 8 hour oversea flights. 1) Lip balm/chapstick- I’m a fan of Lasting Smiles Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint Crème. It keeps my lips super hydrated with a refreshing peppermint scent that can take away all those travelling stresses. 2) Toothbrush and toothpaste; to not scare anyone away when you hop off that red-eye at 6am! 3) Deodorant; again, to not chase anyone away! 4) Makeup/face wipes; It’s best to keep it simple, especially with those TSA 3.4 ounce guidelines, you definitely can’t take your whole makeup collection. A simple BB or CC cream, some mascara, and your favorite lip-gloss can go a long way when landing in a new city. Entertainment; Because who wants to be bored on an 8-hour flight? Not me! 1) A magazine/book; this can provide a great escape from that crying baby three rows over. 2) Headphones; If you’ve ever travelled on an international flight before, you definitely understand why these are the most important. Most head phones airlines provide aren’t the best quality so if you plan on sleeping, or just hate travelling with 200 other people, investing in some noise cancelling headphones would allow you to drown that all out. 3) Tablet or Laptop; especially if you are travelling for business these two items can allow you to get work done, even at 42,000 feet in the sky! 4) Chargers; and how are you going to document those tapas and wine to your friends on social media if all your electronics are dead? Odds and Ends;
All the other things that can make your flight so much better 1) A sweater or cardigan; those cabins can get extra cold to widely hot in a matter of minutes so it’s always better to be prepared! 2) Medication; some airlines might provide over the counter medication, but at a cost! Bring your own be prepared to get rid of that pesky headache 3) Gum; avid travellers will tell you that chewing gum while the plane takes off will help your ears not “pop” from the pressure. Break some out before take off and you might make some friends near you! 4) Snacks; liquids aren’t allowed past security, but you can get through with snacks! A trail mix or a few granola bars will get you from point A to point B without spending those outrageous airline costs for a small bag of pretzels!

An efficiently packed carry on can literally save your life; especially if you are one of the un-lucky ones with lost luggage! These 16 items are just what I’ve found most helpful when travelling. Of course a longer flight may call for a change of clothes, or an extra pair of shoes, but these essentials aren’t something you want to be caught without!


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