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When it comes to weight watching or nutritious meal planning, we all find ourselves being swayed constantly by myths. One of the most common misconceptions about eating healthy is when it comes to the idea of snacking. Most people seem to get the idea that frequent snacking throughout the day can be bad for you, when in fact most experts agree that snacking is an effective way to prevent overeating during mealtimes. While you may at times need to monitor your snacking the true challenge is choosing the right kind of snack to help satisfy all of your needs. When it comes to snacking there a variety of choices that you can choose from, but we recommend checking out one the latest trending snacks, seaweed!


Back in 2011 this popular dried packaged salty snack began trending in the United States after being a common snack mainly in Japan and Korea for quite some time. Seaweed crisps have an unusually light yet crunchy texture to them. Being a highly soluble snack, these weightless crisps melt away on your tongue with a slight fish like aftertaste that barely lingers. Seaweed is great for those days when you are in need of a salty snack and they are a lot healthier than most of your favorite snacks. There are a variety of health benefits to eating seaweed such as the fact they are filled with antioxidants, calcium, and a broad range of vitamins. Another great thing about eating seaweed is that is full iodine which help regulate hormones as well as create a healthy metabolism. Seaweed also detoxifies, helping to remove waste from the body and increase weight loss.

Seaweed is a super easy item to find at marketplaces or even your local grocery store. It’s a great snack to have when you are lying around at home or when you’re on-the-go throughout your busy day. Unlike some food items, seaweed isn’t just a seasonal product and can be purchased year round. While there a several different kinds of seaweed, most tend to have a long product life and won’t expire easily. You can incorporate seaweed in a number of your favorite recipes like salads, stews, stir fries, and soups by trying new recipes.


If you’re tired of your boring everyday snack routine and you’re feeling adventurous, seaweed might just be the snack for you. If you end up loving the taste of the healthy snack then we’d also like recommend similar snacks that include: kale, dried fruit, and dried vegetables.



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